Hacemos brillar tu mundo.


Guns, rifles and pistols are very delicate pieces and are worked with great professionalism.

Through different polishing processes, a markless and completely uniform result is achieved, and then we move on to copper electrolysis plating.This, for its good conductivity penetrates well throughout the piece and cover the porosity of metals and prevents oxidation.

Also the scales are plated in nickel or silver, and triggers are plated in 24K gold.

Finally we turn to black chrome bath after several processes to completion and a perfect finish. As seen in the photos.

The black chromium bath is only worked in cold.

The bluing or bronzing is a bath operating at a high temperature of 160 degrees minimum!!!

Our store follows the license and regulations existing related to weapons.


Aprecie Usted mismo el antes y el después de Nuestros Trabajos.



                                       !! NOVEDAD !!


Cromamos las Cajas Mecanismo de Aluminio de las Repetidoras en Brillo o Mate.




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