Hacemos brillar tu mundo.

Vintage motorcycles and cars

What about those impeccable nickel-plating?

The tuning of the Classics.

In the restoration of vintage vehicles and motorcycles, our process begins with the stripping and the removing of nickel plating of the pieces, to remove impurities and rust, dents and welding arrangement if necessary etc.

We proceed to the polishing of the pieces either iron, copper, brass, zamak, aluminium, or stainless steel etc. Through various processes of polishing we achieve a result without bites and completely uniform.

Then we go to the plating electrolysis of copper, this one due to its good conductivity penetrates well throughout the piece and cover the porosity of metals and prevents oxidation.

We go on the process with the nickel plating by microns, to provide high quality, and finally the chromium plating bath which, like the previous ones, eventually cover the piece giving it more protection and shine, being its final status of mirror as it deserves a Classic.



Restoration of vintage cars and motorcycles.

Aprecie usted mismo el antes y después de Nuestros Trabajos.






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